Shortlisting remote companies to apply

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Find your niche

You can find hundreds of kinds of positions in startups ranging from very specific ones like 'React Engineer' or 'Google Cloud Engineer' or 'Site Reliability Engineer' or 'Developer Tools Engineer', or you can find very generic positions like 'Software Engineer' or 'Founding Engineer'. The specific ones are more or less related to Software Engineering but they have specific focus which makes them very unique.

The best ones are the specific ones.


It is your responsibility to explore each and every field on your own and try to map your skills on the specific ones.

Calibrating with timezone

The most common reason why remote companies usually decline your application is because they have a restriction on time difference. They have a cut off like '4hr' or '1hr'. Most countries in Europe have 4 hours difference from Pakistan, so applying to a European country is recommended. US has around 12 hours difference, so if you apply to a US company, more chances are they are going to reject your application.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't apply to US companies, it just means you need to keep this in mind before you apply.

Communication barriers

Most companies have 'English' language as their primary language but it might not be always true. Some small startups which seem to have their marketing front in English do not use English language internally. Even if they use English internally, they can have poor language skills which can lead to confusions and misinterpretations.

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