Malik Mohsin Hayat

Full Stack Web Developer & Designer

From Lahore, Pakistan



I have been honing my programming skills since 2014 by creating websites as a hobby. In 2016, I began working as a freelancer and received positive feedback from clients worldwide. Initially, I was familiar with WordPress, but later transitioned to using NodeJS and Typescript. I find startups to be an exciting and efficient way to make a significant impact. Recently, I have been striving to revolutionize the healthcare industry with my expertise and understanding.


“I have a strong interest in the technical and design aspects of software development and enjoy finding solutions to complex problems. My goal is to become a Software Architect.”


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES)
August 2016 – July 2020   |   CGPA: 3.34/4   |   Lahore, Pakistan

Intermediate in Computer Science (w/ Physics)
Government College University
2014 – 2016   |   Marks: 928/1100   |   Lahore, Pakistan

Matric (w/ Computer Science)
2012 – 2014   |   Marks: 983/1100   |   Lahore, Pakistan


Software Engineer
Awell Health
April 2021 – present   |   Remote

  • Developed front-end and back-end code in Typescript, including unit tests.
  • Designed and documented software architecture for complex problems using event sourcing and CQRS.
  • Managed prioritization & spikes of features of the product.
  • Successfully resolved multiple customer issues through effective communication and problem-solving.
  • Implemented and maintained CI/CD pipelines, resulting in a 50% reduction in deployment time to Kubernetes clusters.
  • Wrote over 100 end-to-end tests for the application using Cypress, resulting in a 40% increase in overall product quality.
  • Managed and maintained POCs for potential customers.
  • Led releases of the product, including writing release notes, testing, and collaborating with the product team.

Languages: Javascript/Typescript
Tools/Frameworks: React, ArangoDB, GraphQL, MongoDB, Meteor, MoleculerJS, NextJS, Docker & Kubernetes

Full-Stack Developer
July 2020 – April, 2021   |   Lahore, Pakistan

  • Received training sessions on Python (Django), Clean-Code and Git, expanding my skillset in these areas.
  • Worked on a web-based game called "Unlocked: Rogue Scientist 1990" by The Escape Game. Developed the dashboard using React/Redux, and the backend using NodeJs with Sequelize, contributing to the successful launch of the game.
  • Developed the complete backend for a web-based multiplayer game using NodeJS, resulting in a seamless user experience for players.
  • Worked as a Full-Stack developer to implement a complete solution for booking and automating remote experiences, utilizing my skills in both front-end and back-end development to deliver a functional and user-friendly application.

Web Developer Intern (Summers)
June 2019 – October 2019   |   Lahore, Pakistan

  • Worked on Node.JS and React.JS to create a real-time tutoring system.
  • Worked on to implement realtime Whiteboard, Code/Text Editor and Chat app.
  • Implemented an efficient backend using PHP and MySQL, resulting in a reliable and scalable system to support the real-time tutoring system.
  • Worked on the main iOS app of SolutionInn, intended for students to search and buy solutions.

Frontend Developer Intern (Summers)
July 2018 – September 2018   |   Lahore, Pakistan

  • Worked on Vue.JS and implemented a centralized Vuex store in the web app (, resulting in a more organized and efficient codebase.
  • Developed a webchat plugin for websites using PReact, & Botman, allowing businesses to easily integrate live chat functionality on their websites.
  • Consistently addressed and resolved daily reported bugs on Jira, contributing to the overall stability and performance of the application.
  • Worked on Dyson node.js server to create JSON APIs for demo bot.

Top Rated Freelance Web Developer
Upwork & Fiverr
July 2016 – September 2018   |   Lahore, Pakistan

  • Worked on core WordPress including theme/plugin customization & bug fixing.
  • Achieved Top Rated status on Upwork in 2016 by successfully completing over 15 jobs, demonstrating a strong ability to deliver high-quality work to clients.
  • Gained Level 1 on by completing 25+ jobs.
  • Worked on UI/UX Design & Site Optimization Tools.
  • Also worked on graphic design (branding) projects


Taskbarter – Exchange skills for free! (opens in a new tab)

Frontend: React, Redux
Backend: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB
Deployment: Heroku, MongoDB Atlas, Github
Utilities: Bootstrap,, FontAwesome, Cloudflare, Sendgrid, Lodash, Moment.js

40+ Freelancing Projects (opens in a new tab) & (opens in a new tab)

I've completed more than 40 WordPress related projects on Upwork and Fiverr. Most of my work is on core WordPress including theme customization and websites built from scratch. Moreover, I also did some projects on bug-fixing and plugin customization. Other than that, I've done some branding related tasks including Logo Design, UI/UX Design etc.

Final Year Project

Unburn.AI is a burn degree classifier that can detect whether a skin area is burned or not and if burned, what degree of burning it is (First, Second, Third) using images. I implemented the model in a group of 4 students using Keras, Tensorflow, LabelBox and deep learning neural network called U-NET.

University Semester Projects
at FAST-National University, Lahore

These are some of the projects that were given as an assignment in different courses

  • Coded complete Library Management System in JAVA. Including Multi-user Authentication, SWING-GUI, SQL Database and Multi-Threading.
  • Designed a machine learning algorithm based on Convolutional Neural Networks to classify Cats and Dogs. Built using Tensorflow, Keras and Numpy.
  • Coded complete Robozzle Game using C++. Console based game but has puzzles and is fun for new users.
  • Programmed a Polymorphic Paint Brush tool using core concepts of OOP in C++.
  • Created Brick Breaker Game in 8088 Assembly Language
  • Airbnb sort of website in C#, ASPX and MS-SQL Database. It has extensive features including Booking through Calendar, Rating, Viewing and Admin panel.

Personal Projects
Some projects that I did in my spare time


First in ACM's Programming Competition

I won the first prize in a programming competition that was held at FAST-National University, Lahore in 2016 and was organized by ACM and FAST officials.

Completion of Taskbarter during the lockdown

I learned a lot during the development of the project, from the inception of the design to optimization and deployments. I wrote an article on for more details.
(Visit Blog (opens in a new tab))

Listed in Dean's Honorary List

I got the Third Position in fall 2019 at FAST National University. I am listed in the Dean's Honorary list for getting 3.5+ SGPA and was awarded a bronze medal by the Head of Computer Science department in 2019.

Participant in Multiple Programs

I've attended a two months long Whizkids program arranged by PITB's Plan9 which taught me intermediate level Programming, Entrepreneurship and Robotics in the summer vacations of 2016. I've participated in ICPC Asia Regionals 2019 and got 11th place out of 100+ teams. I've participated in a 6-Hour Bootcamp on Python which was organized by Techjuice and Arbisoft in which I learned basics of Python, Django and Deployment on Heroku. I've attended Pycon in 2018 which was organized by Arbisoft. I'm part of FreeCodeCamp and I've completed 100+ hours of web programming tasks. I've also attended multiple programming meetups in Lahore.

Director Graphics & Publications for SOFTEC '20

SOFTEC (SOFTware Exhibition and Competition) is one of the biggest IT events in Pakistan. It is organized every year at FAST-NU, Lahore. I was part of the senior executive team and my responsibilities were to manage and direct the junior team for the preparation of the event. Earlier: Creative Design Team Head in SOFTEC '19, Creative Design Deputy Head in SOFTEC '18

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